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Fashion Alert! Team Presentations

Today's mail brought a "Save the Date" notice from Luxembourg Pro Cycling. Will there be cake? The official team presentation takes place on 6 January 2011. A press conference will precede the presentation. I think that's the part with the rings, but I'm not sure. All I really learned in writing this update: Searching leopard skin with safe-search turned off is way less exciting than you'd expect. Disappointed face.

Garmin-Cervélo, meanwhile, will present their team on 28 January in Girona. If I get on my bike now, I might be able to ride there in time. The swim, though, that could be a dealbreaker.

In totally unrelated fashion news, Franco Pellizotti has cut his hair. A moment of silence, please, for the departed blonde curls. Rumor claims that the Italian is close to signing with Movistar, a team name destined to be mispelled repeatedly next season. Searching Moviestar with safe-search off proved marginally more interesting than leopard skin, but not by much.

Moviestar in leopard skin? I leave that one for you to discover.

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