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Snowmageddon Tales of Woe... and Overcoming!

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Whether you're stuck in the Snowpocalypse or not, chances are that if you're reading this, then you're either bored or a media junkie or both, in which case you've been subjected to a category-five dose of media misery regarding the plight of the snowbound east coast. Now, I realize it's not all misery; for every person who asks why, there are others who ask 'why not?' But the real story is those poor suffering Washingtonians, New Yorkers, Brotherly Lovers, and First Staters who apparently have been ordered off the streets. At [which I refuse to link to], there is a debate as to whether the Nation's Capitol now boasts a heartier class of winter-dwellers than Buffalo, having something to do with people skidding off the roads in much more expensive cars.

I think it's up to us to do something to take their collective minds off their plight. Here are a few ideas:

- Come up with better hyperbole to describe the storm than "snowpocalypse" or "snowmageddon". My entry: snowbodygetsoutalive. But that's merely for starters. In any event, this sounds like more of a joke than it is. The local media are seconds away from naming the follow-up storm "Snowpocalypse 2: Icelandic Boogaloo." Because that is the mentality of the DC media. Save them from themselves.

- Post pictures of your favorite bike-on-snow events. Reader "Andy from Boulder" sent us these pictures, though they look fake to me.

- Another route to go would be to turn the tables and post a picture of where you are now, which doesn't look anything like SnowMan'sLand. For example, whereas it's snowy, grey, cold and wet in DC, here in Seattle it's merely grey, cold and wet. Uplifting! Or, if your family had the good sense* to move to Australia, then you might regale our readers with demonstrations of truly hot, sun-drenched glory, the likes of which make you want to get out your bike, ride a few miles, and fall over in the shade.

[* or bad legal representation, going back a bit further in time.]

Here's something to warm everyone's heart... Andy from Boulder again, this time in short sleeves and more humane conditions (if that's a fair description of the Alpe):

Tour de France 1992 : Andy Hampsten à l'Alpe d'Huez (2/2) (via yannhay)

Cheer up: it's a mere 17 more days til the Omloop!