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Virtual Directeur Sportif: T Minus Five...

Vds2_mediumJust a reminder, your 2010 Year-Long Virtual Directeur Sportif teams are due this Friday at Noon Pacific (unless tedvdw tells me we can go a few hours longer before he can turn off the switch). At this point, you might as well submit it. There are a few races going on this week, but chances are if your guy isn't hurt or overweight or embroiled in a messy team dispute, he won't be, at least not before the deadline. I personally will be finalizing my team later today.

Not sure what this is about? Use the link to our VDS website above or go here for some background. And to everyone about to submit, don't forget to follow the rules! Including Rule No. 1.

Update: Laurens Ten Dam has a fractured pelvis. Details are pretty minimal on exactly how bad it is, though.