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Welcome To Our Newest Family Member!

For our biggest races, we here at the Podium Cafe have often looked to someone outside the community to break down the sport's biggest moments for us. Someone with a unique perspective and the courage to tell it like it is. Last year, we got to know and love the 'Becco family, a unique brand of goats from the Appenine highlands who brought something truly special to the grand tours and fall races. One of our offseason projects was to extend that relationship, but the heads of the 'Becco clan sought to crassly leverage three deaths and two disappearances into a new contract. Well, Gavia and I didn't just fall off the turnip truck, so after blocking the cell phone numbers of a few goats and their legal representatives, it was on to new horizons. With that in mind, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the newest, most cost-effective, and -- we hope you'll agree -- lovable member of the Podium Cafe family circa 2010...


Cuddles the Cobble!

Look for Cuddles to announce his presence with authority at a Power Poll near you... very, very soon.