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Omloop Almost Live On Cycling.TV

Just got an email... Looking more closely, it says:

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad

LIVE (AUDIO ONLY) - 27 February - Times TBC

Highlights and Extended Highlights available the same day

Commentary - Marty Macdonald and Magnus Backstedt

Territories - Worldwide excl. Belgium, France, Denmark and Norway


LIVE 28 February - Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne - 13.10-16.15 UTC

Live On-Demand within one hour of the race finish; Highlights and Extended Highlights availble same day.

Commentary - Anthony McCrossan and Brian Smith

Territories - Worldwide excl. Belgium, France, Denmark and Norway

So audio only for tomorrow. Still need a video source.


During the season there will be much discussion of where to find video. I humbly request that you steer clear of discussing at the Podium Cafe how to circumvent the various restrictions. I am NOT asking you to avoid talking at all about video streams. For example:

OK by me: "Try this stream" or "check Steephill for links"

Not OK: "you can get around georestrictions this way..."

The difference is intent. Hunting for streams... hey, I don't have a copy of every broadcaster's contract in front of me. Few to none of us have any way to know if an available stream is illicit or OK. I don't know where each of you is located. If a video stream provider is circumventing georestrictions, that's the rights-owner's problem. All I am asking here is that we not engage in conversation about how to knowingly skirt the restrictions. Thanks!