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Omloop Het Nieuwsblad Pre-Race Smack Thread

Belgium_mediumWho ya got?

You got the winner on your brand spankin' new VDS team?  Tell us about it!

Me? Yea I got your winner. Tyler Farrar is gonna own this little race.  And if he doesn't get to the finish line first than his real teammates on Team Built For Comfort, Not For Speed, Jurgen Roelandts, Lars Boom, Martijn Maaskant, Johan Vansummeren,Hooter,  and Martin Velits are gonna go 1-6 and totally dominate your puny riders. 

Beat that suckas!


In totally different news,

Winter Storm Xynthia

Any of out Euro friends have more info on this? According to this American website this storm might really nail northwestern France on Sunday and I understand Belgium is vaguely near northwestern France. But that's a problem for KBK. For the Omloop, the sky will be sunny and temperature in the low  to mid 50'sF/12C....right? That's the way it always is I hear.