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The 2010 Virtual Directeur Sportif Is Here At Last!


For two years I have awaited the opportunity to tell you that the Virtual Directeur Sportif has moved into the modern age of sports games, and at last that day is here. Our very own tedvdw has designed an application that has transformed the game you've come to know and love, or at least heard us prattle on about for a while. No longer do you have to download a spreadsheet, fill it out by typing or using dropdowns, and send it to me in the hopes that it'll be received and properly handled. Nope, now you need only go to our new website, create a login using your existing Podium Cafe ID, and follow the directions to assemble a team. When you're done, and I mean really done, follow the instructions and your team is in! During the competition we will have results updated almost instantly, sortable and searchable, and prominently displayed on the front page. Ready to get started??

Go To

Then come back here to discuss. While you're on the site, remember a few basic principles:

  • You have to have a login with the Podium Cafe and with PodiumCafeVDS to play. Neither one requires any real personal information except a working email address, in case you win.
  • For everyone, including existing PdC members: you have to create a new login at PodiumCafeVDS! You can't just proceed to logging in with existing info. For now, the login system there isn't sync'ed with this site's. But use the same ID as you use here; then whatever password you want.
  • You can tinker with your team as long as you want, and if you close out the window the application will save your team as it was where you left off. But once you submit your team, you can't make any changes.
  • Read all the rules. There aren't many of them, but until you comply with them your team will be blocked from submission.
  • Final deadline is Friday, February 26, 2010 -- the day before the Omloop Het Nieuwsblad, our kickoff event.

Many of you know what the competition is, but for newcomers read on or go here for a fuller description.

  • What is it? A year-long competition, akin to fantasy sports (with a less creepy name), where you select a team of actual riders and score points based on their performance in real races.
  • Why would I play? To test your knowledge of cycling; to compete with your fellow Podium Cafe members; or to win a Podium Cafe jersey. My favorite reason is that these kind of games really do help you get to know the sport better.
  • Hm, is this complicated? No, you simply go to, follow instructions, and set your team before the February 26, 2010 deadline. We do the rest. We also will run a separate competition specific to the Tour de France in July, if you don't have time now or don't want to think about the entire season.
  • Sounds cool. What will it cost me? Nothing, as usual. You only have to be a registered member of the Podium Cafe, and your registration must include a working email. Otherwise, it's free.

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