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VDS Open Season, Second Thread

The main purpose here is to let people keep talking about the start of the Virtual Directeur Sportif signup. If this is news, go here. A few notes...

  • First, the doping policy. For practical reasons (per tedvdw), we will exclude any rider who has had a positive B sample from collecting any VDS points after that B sample has occurred is announced. This will undoubtedly touch off debate -- "how can you leave his earlier points in place?" -- but in reality the only perfect result is an adjudicated confession, and in the real world we are almost always left holding a big ol sack of ambiguity. So we split the baby, cutting off the points after the B sample unless they happen in a stage race that isn't over yet, and don't melt down our new app trying to undo old results.
  • Second, the fun. Have you seen this? The stats have only just begun...
  • Specifically saying "the names of my riders are..." is somewhat frowned upon, but it's great fun to speculate. In the first thread there was discussion of some teams' nationality makeup or pro team makeup. An excellent use of one's time. For the record, while my team isn't final, so far there are six Dutchmen and six Belgians. Rabo, BMC and Omega Pharma (bargain hunting!) seem to be the most frequently occurring teams. As you can tell, I am focused on the grand tours.
  • Last, there may be 90 teams completed, but I have received 170 registrations at In 26 hours. Not too shabby.