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Ted King Live Chat Post Script

Well that was some good clean fun. If you didn't enjoy that... it's like I don't even know you anymore. A few things:

First, don't take this as thanks for behaving, but thanks for be... uh, for being mindful of how the forum was working, for slowing down the questions when needed, and for bringing the Podium Cafe A-game of cycling crossed with merriment. I've always said that the concept for this site is the internet equivalent of a cycling fan pub in Flanders, and I would imagine Ted felt like he just experienced the online version of walking into such a place to say hello. All that was missing were a few drinks on the house, but hopefully one of us can take care of that at some point in time.

A question: did the comment feature flow smoothly all the way through? It seemed fine to me. Last season we figured that things would slow down at 300 comments or thereabouts, but SBN is constantly upgrading hardware and software. The Saints blog had something like 800 comments in one thread the other night. Either it worked OK or they were too drunk to care.

Any other thoughts or questions about the format? Obvy we'd like to do this more, depending on little things like whether there are other riders who will talk to us.

Lastly, if you would like to show Ted your appreciation, a good way to do so would be to check out the Kempels Brain Injury Foundation. If you're not sure why Ted is involved in promoting this worthy cause, go here. The foundation's story, from Ted's blog:

Krempels Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people living with brain injury from trauma, tumor, or stroke.  In partnership with universities and community volunteers, the Krempels Center offers programs that engage members in meaningful and productive experiences and provides ongoing support and resources to those impacted by brain injury.  In addition, the organization’s community outreach initiative provides education to the public about brain injury and brain injury prevention.

To show your support, buy these. And to follow Ted on Twitter, sally forth.