Tattoos (and other bodily adornments) of the peloton

We meant to do this ages ago, inspired by a frank and serious discussion of what exactly that thing on Gerald Ciolek's stomach is. But things got in the way (numerous Basque pelota tournaments/concerts of random baroque vocal music and the like) and the plan died a temporary death. However, along came Ted King and jogged our memories with the following comment in the live chat:

I see waaaaAAAAAaaaay too many barbed wires on calves and arms. They look dumb no matter where they are. Unless they’re on the side of the road blocking cattle

So, my question to you, dear fashionistas of the Cafe: What is Hot and What is Not? Try to offer pictorial evidence if you can of the various tattoos and piercings, ill-advised or otherwise, of the pro peloton. And majope, please provide that picture of Wouter Weylandt on the know the one!

I will start you off. We begin with the obvious...really, what was he thinking?