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Paris-Nice Stage 3 .......... LIVE

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Things are heating up in the Paris-Nice. Check out Gavia's Steephill preview of stage 3 between Saint Junien and Aurillac. Apparently it's all about a teacup, or possibly a classics-style stage that should benefit the sneaky tacticians. 

SPOILER ALERT: We have separate threads for Paris-Nice and Tirreno. Some people will be watching tapedelayed coverage so let's avoid posting spoilers in the respective threads, mkay?

UPDATE: Due to heavy snowfall the stage has been shortened by 53 km. The riders will ride the final 155 Km of the original course.

Live video from 15:15 CET (09:15AM US eastern, 01:15 AEST)

Videolinks from Steephill or cyclingfans

Official site with, Startlist and Liveticker