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Living the Dream! [And VDS Smack Thread]

Virtual-ds-2_mediumJust wanted to take this brief lull to make sure you've noticed that the Dream -- my offseason plan to drum up automated VDS results, rankings, etc. somehow -- is just about fully in place. Thanks to SuperTed and implementation assistance by Gavia, we are now sporting VDS standings in the left sidebar and rider/team rankings in the right sidebar that are updated ALMOST INSTANTLY following a race. Remember last year when you had to wait days or even weeks for me to redo the spreadsheet? That era is o-v-e-r. Done and dusted. So, get accustomed to looking in both places for your updated standings. Very shortly you'll see the day's race results too. Click on the graphics to get redirected to the main page for more complete results.

Oh, and speaking of graphics, thanks once more to Veloki (and Gavia) for the redesign of the VDS graphic. Not only are these bits of color completely awesome, but we now actually have a coherent collection of graphics to use (save for Cuddles the Cobble, but he's always been a bit odd). To recap:

  • Get in the habit of using the sidebars for instantly updated standings
  • Click on the names for more details, or on the graphics for complete data
  • My VDS team will eventually be better than yours (present excuse under development)