Cuddles' Corner: Friday Fun!

Cuddles_the_cobble_small_mediumHey Cafe Kidz! Let's try a little something. You've seen Chris...'s Countdown to the Cobbles, with the famous Andrea Tafi quote: "Only those who are in top condition can say that the Ronde is not hard. For everyone else, it is the Way of the Cross." Well, we actually ran a Way of the Cross Contest a couple years ago, where you make a new statement based on the same structure and gravitas as Tafi's, but on another subject. An example, courtesy of Jens in 2008 when he wasn't such a snarky bastard:

Only those who are going to Flanders this weekend can say that watching the Ronde is not hard. For everyone else watching CyclingTV, it's the Way of the Cross.

So let's do another contest. 2008 was ages ago for you fleshy, temporary existence types. Oh, and you don't have to mention the Tour of Flanders -- the structure is "Only ___ can say ______. For ___, it is the Way of the Cross." Winner will be announced in Monday's Cuddles' Corner, and Chris... promises to dig up some shwag for the winner, assuming they're willing to accept it. Go!