BOYCOTT ESPN... Until They Fire Tony Kornheiser

I'm fucking serious:

TK: And they all God...with the little water bottle in the back and their stupid hats and their shiny shorts, they are the same disgusting poseurs that come out in the middle of a snow storm with cross country skiing on your block. Run them down. I mean, let them use the right I'm OK with that....

My objection to them is when the ride in the middle of the road. They give you the finger. They do all the time. They think they own it. Because they think that you think that you own it. I don't think I own it. I own it. I have a car. I have a large powerful car compared to your stupid little bicycle.

Run them down. Pretty funny stuff. Here are some more stories to make you laugh:

  • Here is a story about Tyler Farrar's dad.
  • Here is the story of "doctor" Chris Thompson intentionally running over cyclists in California.
  • Here are some numbers that will really bust a gut: 716 bicyclists killed each year by cars, 52,000 injured. Fucking hilarious.

The Twittersphere is all over the story right now, and I don't plan to miss out. Lance Armstrong is actually leading the charge to some degree... or at least his voice has been heard by more than mine ever will. Here's my opinion on what should happen.

1. Tony Kornheiser should be suspended from the radio gig in DC where the transcript originates. He should go on air and apologize, then disappear without pay for a while.

2. Tony Kornheiser should be fired by ESPN. He can have his little hometown radio show when he's felt enough shame; AM radio is polluted by assholes like Kornheiser and that won't change. But ESPN is "the worldwide leader in sports" by its claim. They have a larger responsibility. They don't need him.

3. Lance Armstrong should boycott ESPN until they act. ESPN has been exploiting Lance for over a decade, treating cycling mostly like shit until Lance hauls in more yellow. There are an infinite number of media outlets with more respect for the sport than ESPN where you can get your information. They want Lance and his star power. Deny them, Lance, unless they're willing to take an affirmative stand.

4. But it's not all on Lance. I am boycotting ESPN and welcome anyone else's company in this endeavor. I am deleting my ESPN Radio iPhone app. I am deleting my link (not that I used it much anyway). I already disconnected the cable, for a variety of reasons. I don't need them.

It's important to recognize what I mean by ESPN -- the organization, not the individuals that work for them. People like Bonnie Ford, one of the best sportswriters to venture into cycling, or Jim Caple, a columnist with some soul (whose column I linked above). The organization makes money off of a product that straddles the fine line between appreciation of sports and the moronic behavior that all too often comes with it. It's not easy, but they chose their field and chose to mine sports for dollars, so I have no sympathy. Take a stand, ESPN, fire Kornheiser from Pardon the Interruption and any other errands he runs for you. Now.

Contact the radio show here. You can send a form letter to ESPN here. Best thing might be to twit-bomb them: @ESPNRadio980 or @PTIshow. Please, act.

Update: The audio in question:

Kornheiser supports running over cyclists (via craigrutledge)

Big UPDATE! Lance Armstrong is going on Kornheiser's show tomorrow to discuss things. Kornheiser is trying to make amends, obviously. Voices are being heard!!