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Valverde Story, Upcoming Attractions

D_mediumToday brings the news that Alejandro Valverde has vowed to prove his innocence after TAS-CAS ruled to uphold the Italian sanction banning him from competition. Well, good luck with that Alejandro. Valverde can still appeal the arbitration court's decision in Swiss civil court.

Meanwhile, from the upcoming attractions file, I will have a story (or possibly two) on the full TAS decision. Watch for it on Monday. The full decision has some intriguing bits to it, like say, the part where the UCI asked TAS to rule all of Valverde's results since May 2004 forfeit. Oh my! TAS also goes to town on the Spanish judicial ruling that attempted to declare the Puerto evidence off-limits for additional cases. Good times all around. Anyway, that thing is coming Monday. Doping decisions just aren't a Friday sort of deal, especially not the Friday before Milano-Sanremo.

Me, I'd rather write about Milano-Sanremo. So I'm going to.