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Countdown to the Cobbles: Dateline Gent!

Wayofthecross-3_mediumI'll be brief for now, no countdowns in this countdown... after all, how much insight can you expect from a zombified traveler who's been in country for five hours? Anyway, the Podium Cafe Flanders Headquarters is up and running, with ample internet from our spacious quarters a stone's throw from the Gravensteen, two canals, five massive old churches, and one kick-ass bell tower. Pics here and on Twitter shortly. I also spent my first hour or so in Belgium talking with a young American racer coming over to try his luck on the amateur scene, Kermesses and road races. Cycling is everywhere here, and it runs a lot deeper than the Pro Tour level. A LOT deeper. Link of the day: Wielerbond Vlaanderen, headquarters of all race info down to the lower amateur levels. I am not foolish enough to try to find a race to actually take part in -- the last two weeks have been training non-events -- but I definitely plan to check out a few kermesses. OK, frites time. 

Update! Toerist pickx on the flip!



Happy hour on Thursday starts at like 2pm.


My new best friend.


Hard to picture from this, but up close it's clear why the lamb is "mystic" -- it is rather stoically squirting blood from a chest wound into a small chalice. I don't think he spilled a drop. Can you imagine how hard that is?