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E3 Prijs Vlaanderen .......... LIVE


Holy Week begins with the climby half of the dynamic weekend duo. Tomorrow is the more sprinter-friendly Gent-Wevelgem.  Chris is on the ground in Flanders for this one and perhaps he will provide some direct comments. If not, you can always enjoy the collected wisdom of the Cafe.

Live video at 14:30 CET (09:30 AM US eastern, 00:30 AEDT)

Look for links at cyclingfanssteephillmyp2p, and BVLS. In the meantime, here's a live ticker to tide you over.

Official siteStartlist and Parcourse

Chris' comment from that other Pre-race live thread: Gorgeous day in Harelbeke so far: sunny, no real wind, temps rising. All is good -- the streets are bustling with activity, the press center has excellent wifi, and my camera is loaded for bear. Time to roam the streets, back in a bit. Race starts at noon, TV at 2:30. Tot ziens!

UPDATE! OK, they're off. The weather is looking more like springtime in Flanders, and I gather it'll be off and on all day. I saw everyone except Hincapie, who must have snuck past. Spoke briefly with Roger Hammond who rather candidly lamented the new calendar: he's of the belief that a race like this as well as GW deserves its own space on the calendar, and by having them both together riders have no choice but to focus on one. Tomorrow I will remember to bring my photo disc thingy; I'd have stuff to put up now had I thought of it today.

And now... we wait. I believe the peloton did a loop near Harelbeke but didn't see them come through. Press room is relatively quiet, no pictures til 2.30.