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Laurens ten Dam Comes to the Cafe!

Live Chat Today!

Rabobank rider Laurens ten Dam will join us for a live chat on Friday, 5 March at 22:00 CET, 1:00pm PST. That's today! Laurens ten Dam

We will post a live thread approximately 15 minutes before the event. So come on in, make yourself comfortable. If you are new to the Podium Cafe, you will need an account in order to post. We do ask for a email address during the set-up process, but it will be used simply to complete registration. No spam, promise!

Want to get to know Laurens before the chat? Roll over to @laurenstendam, where he describes himself as "cyclist, chevy van owner, enjoying life as much as possible." Conveniently for us Anglosachians, Laurens posts in English. Sample Post: Training done. Watching ‘The big lebowski’. Yes, again… 7:10 AM Feb 17th via Snaptu. Yes, he knows Lebowski. You can also check out his website, which is less Anglosachian-friendly, but has a nice page of photos.

[chris here] with... The Rules!

  1. Let the man catch up! Pay some attention to how far behind he is on answering questions and how quickly he's going along. I think if we can keep the backlog to a handful at most, he will feel more like he's in a chat. More fun that way. In fact, if he's close to all caught up, you might even get to follow up.
  2. Behave! [I just like saying that.] OK, that's it.

Gav here, with A Request!
I'd like to ask the regulars to please hit the "rec" button on the answers from Laurens. So, when he answers a question, hit "rec" for his post. Five "recs" will turn his post green, and it will be easier to see his answers in the thread. So, rec early, rec often. Thanks!

Thanks to Ted for his assist in setting us up with Rabobank!