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Driedaagse de Panne Stage 1: Post-Race


Photos from today's finale on the flip...


Chase group sprint coming right into your living room. The focus seemed to keep going to the Flemish flags. I need a less sentimental camera next time. OK, some post-race:


I like this picture of Millar. Who, by the way, is a huge favorite FTW after the ITT.


Big scrum around Devolder. I had suggested he had something to prove today. For his sake, hopefully I'm wrong.


OK, one more. The podium presentation was pretty long. I'll spare you. Chainel seems extremely goofy in person, but maybe he's just shy. Chances he speaks Dutch aren't great.


And your leader's kit. Enjoy it while it lasts. Bonus photo:


WTF? Is Boonen a dog? Should I read something into this?

All photos by Chris Fontecchio for the Podium Cafe. Except that last one.