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The Podium Cafe Oudenaarde Meetup!


My fellow Oudenaardians, 

There comes a time in everyone's life to stand up and be counted. To ask not what you can do for your Cafe, but what your Cafe can do for you. The only thing we have to beer is beer itself. Ik ben een Vlandrien! Yes we can!

And so the day is at hand. Since some of you may be going off the grid soon, it's time to make an approximate plan for our Saturday meetup. Read on for some caveats, but let's start with this:

The Pub, Oudenaarde Square, 7pm

From the massive Town Hall that dominates the main square, the pub would be across the plaza in the left-hand corner. Let's meet there at 7pm. They have a food menu, unlike some other places, and outdoor seating where we can post the flag (minus the iron) if it's at all OK to be outside. I would anticipate being there for a while, so arriving on time isn't a requirement. I will do my best to be there then, or very close to it.

The caveats: I don't recall what the beer menu is. There are several other pubs in that corner though, so it should be easy to move one or two doors in either direction if we feel necessary. I find it a little hard to believe we will get crowded out of anywhere, as there are about 100 pubs within a block or two, so let's not contemplate that scenario.

If there's a need to change, it would be preferable if you hooked up with at least one other PdC'er. I will use this post and put it in the Features section so it's on the front page all weekend. If there are any changes in advance, I will mention it here. So if you're off the grid, check in with someone who isn't if possible. I will have internet, supposedly, for those of you who want to email me for any reason (podiumcafe@yahoo). I will twitter our whereabouts as well. And if your only connection would be phone, contact me offline for a number. Text messaging is cheap and easy.

See you soon. :)