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Live Chat with Laurens ten Dam

Laurens ten Dam Live ChatWelcome to our live chat with Laurens ten Dam!

Come on in, make yourselves at home. Laurens will be here on the site for one hour from 1:00 to 2:00 PST to answer your questions. He will try to answer as many questions as possible during that time. Please don't be sad, if he can't get to yours. The man can only type so fast. Chris and I will intervene to slow the question stream, but do try to wait, if there are questions starting to pile up. If Laurens does not get to your question, remember that you can find him @laurenstendam.

If this is your very first visit to the Cafe, welcome! If you'd like to join the convo, head over to the SBN sign-up page and get yourself a username. You will need a working email address to sign on. We promise not to heckle you over email, or sell your address to Nigerian bankers. We're nice that way.

Cafe regulars! Please help out by "recommending" ten Dam's answers. In the comments, click actions, then recommend. Five rec's will make the answers glow green for easy following.

Thanks for coming and enjoy the fun!