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Sunday Results Thread

Paris-nice_mediumYou laughed at my coming Dutch Hegemony jokes. Well, nobody's laughing now. Paris-Nice, Prologue, Monfort-L'Amaury

  1. Lars Boom, Rabobank
  2. Jens! Voigt, Saxo Bank, at 0.03
  3. Levi Leipheimer, The Shack, at 0.06
  4. Alberto Contador, Astana, m.t.
  5. Peter Sagan, Liquigas, at 0.10
  6. Xavier Tondo, Cervelo, m.t.
  7. David Millar, Garmin, at 0.11
  8. Luis Leon Sanchez, Caisse d'Epargne, at 0.12
  9. Roman Kreuziger, Liquigas, at 0.13
  10. Samuel Sanchez, Euskaltel, at 0.15

Meanwhile, down in Murcia, it's a wrap, and to the surprise of nobody, the time trial proved decisive. Despite several selective climbs, most days ended with the overall contenders close by, so it came down to showing what ya got against the watch. Today's stage was another sprint:

  1. Theo Bos, Cervelo Test Team
  2. Graeme Brown, Rabobank
  3. Daniel Schorn, Team Net APP
Even on a day known for the Dutch Sweep, Rabo still can't feel completely comfortable. Anyway, the final GC:

  1. Frantisek Rabon, HTC
  2. Denis Menchov, Rabobank, at 0.38
  3. Bradley Wiggins, Sky, at 0.53
  4. Andreas Kloden, the Shack, at 0.57
  5. Josep Joufre Pou, Astana, at 1.21
Have a lovely Sunday. Off to get in my miles...