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País Vasco Stage Six ....LIVE


Time to settle the GC in a 22 km timetrial. This is usually one of the best TT:s of the season. With it's medium length and challenging profile it is generally a very open affair and not completely dominated by the extreme specialists.

On a housekeeping note, let's try and keep the doping-related stuff in the race threads to a minimum. No one wants to limit the discussions on the PdC but there are plenty of other posts on site where this is dealt with and if you feel an aspect is missed you can always put up a fanpost on it. These discussions just have a tendency to go off the rail and take away from the enjoyment of the races for some.  

Video: Check Steephill or Cycling Fans or BVLS or MyP2P. Possible start 15:20 CEST; 9:20 AM, US Eastern 23:20 AEST)

NORTH AMERICA ONLY: Universal sports is doing it, probably without commentary online starting at 9:45 AM US Eastern. Universal will also rebroadcast it on TV (check local listings) at noon.

The ticker with those cute bicycles is here. Let's see what they supply in terms of TT info?