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AGR VDS Smack Talk: Special Volcano Edition

Amstel_medium Okay, who you got? Anyone? Here's the current startlist.  Start smacking!

Me? There's a race tomorrow?  What-you expect me to come up with a team at a moments notice what with this volcano spewing rhyolite? That's not gneiss! Okay here's my team:

Oscarito "Better Than Bobo" Freire is my main man.

Luis Leon "I Heart Holland" Sanchez 

Ryder "1st Place Or Bust" Hesjedal

Jurgen "Time To Get Ursula Some Points So I'll Place 15th" Van den Broeck

Lars "Where Did They Find Hills In Holland?" Boom

Martyn "I Hate Cobbles" Maaskant

Martin "Need A Lot More Volcanos Top Go Off Before I Have A Chance" Velits

Rafael "Can't Wait for the next TDU" Valls

I expect -755 points Yes, that's a negative number.