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Twit du Jour: On Awesomeness

Ted King has today's Twit du Jour.

@_Gavia_ 's How-To-Guide to Being Awesome: Step 1, send me awesome stuff from America. Step 2, see step 1. Step 3, repeat. 5 minutes ago via web

Yes, the Peanut Butter care package arrived safely in Spain. Yay! Ted King says that he might share the news with @brenbookwalter when Brent returns from racing. Ted better be sharing, because that's a whole lot of peanut butter for one bike racer to eat. Giro mountains, they are steep.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the Peanut Butter Project! Looking forward to our next round of fun. Looks like we may have a new live chat on the horizon, too, so watch for more news soon on that one. Yay!