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Housekeeping: A Wee Ardennes Roundup

Ye (ok, me) of little substance... just a few things I like about today.

#2 tweet of the day goes to our friend Laurens Ten Dam, who congratulated Cadel Evans for winning and doing right by his rainbow jersey, but not without some advice, which boils down to "get a real victory celebration." The evidence is damning indeed:


What is that exactly? Mini-pistolero? Pea-shooter? I'm sorry, but the arc-en-ciel carries certain responsibilities, and a victory celebration that doesn't elicit snickers is one of them.

We've certainly got our headline of the day. I don't remember Evans hitting Contador with a wooden shoe, but then I wasn't able to watch it live, so I can't deny that it happened. This would be our runner-up if I didn't want to klopt all of the names involved, repeatedly.

Onto more serious matters, here's a happy sounding story: Leukemans is in talks to extend with Vacansoleil. Apparently an offer is on the table, though until it's accepted the optimistic tone of the article seems a bit premature. Anyway, he's had a great season, and Vacansoleil will hopefully enjoy the spoils a bit after helping him relaunch his career.

Btr4_3_1__mediumOh, this Sunday eve (8:30 Eastern, 5:30 Pacific) I will be appearing on Bike Talk Radio with Graham Jones and Jim Strait. You can call in and join the fun, or email questions. You can listen live or wait for the podcast. It's my first time on talk radio, so I am probably making a big mistake alerting some of you to this event, but what the hey... bring it on!

Last, a teaser: we will be previewing Liege-Bastogne-Liege by looking at certain, seemingly random, batches of riders. After you see it, hopefully it will make sense. No guarantees on that last part, of course.