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Quiz Time! How well do you know de Ronde?


The Tour of Flanders is tomorrow! Need another outlet for all that excitement? Hop over to Quizilla, where for your procrastination pleasure we've got our very own Podium Cafe Ronde van Vlaanderen quiz.Test your knowledge and/or your Google-fu with twelve questions on Vlaanderens mooiste, then come back here and let us know how you did.

And yes, I know that for some reason it says Ronde van Vlaandern on the quiz. I don't know why and have tried to edit it to say Vlaanderen, but despite being told that the edit was successful, it has failed to take. Update: It got better.

Also, many of the questions were generated using Google-Translated versions of Wikipedia and the official de Ronde site, so the potential for error is even higher than usual. If you see anything that looks wrong, let me know and I'll check on it.