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Rund um Koln....Live!


We got THE best German Classic Road Race of the year covered!

Race starts around 10:00 CEST.  

Video? Check MyP2P or BVLS (I don')t see it listed on either Steephill or CyclingFans at this time. You can check them later if you want.) Also German Radio WDR at 10:10-I think. (This part is confusing to me. The only thing I am sure of is that a) this starts before Pais Vasco, b) it will be on video, and c) umwolverine will set everyone straight if I have garbled this somehow.)

Video start time: Around 14:30 CEST or 4:30 AM, Pacific.

Note: This race video starts before Pais Vasco so start talking here and the Pais Vasco Live thread will magically appear later.

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