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Dateline Oudenaarde: Some Morning After Bits

Slice_of_eddie_mediumYou've probably already seen the important reactions to the race, and if you haven't, stay tuned for Gavia's How the Race Was Won in the next day, or whenever the surf goes flat. For now, here are some things you may not have heard.

Rabo Reactie

Thanks to SuperTed for digging around the Dutch media.... Lars Boom was good til 200km, then lights went out, says DS Erik Dekker. For his part, Boom took away positive impressions, calling himself satisfied, good experience. Boom seems to know his limits better than his supporters, and suggests that after maybe five or so long races he can contend. I did catch one fan saying he's targeting the 200km stuff this year and just riding longer bits for experience. Well, 200k seems to be his ceiling.

Sebastian Langeveld was pleased with his game plan but didn't have the legs. Sounds like there was a lot to like: his best legs this year, he was in front where he was supposed to be, didn't make mistakes. Apparently he was concerned about the Oude Kwaremont but all well thru Koppenberg, together with Lars in selection. Hard race this year bc of winds. E Dekker warned him something would happen on the Berendries, where Langeveld lost the front group when the attacks came, as his legs blocked. Langeveld also sagged on the Muur but reconnected with the third group.

Dekker's reaction to it all is telling: Boom was about what you expected, Langeveld gets props for riding smartly, and Nick Nuyens? "He disappointed." Ouch.

Magni Exhales

The Cycling Gods did little to encourage a record-tying third straight win for Stijn Devolder. We will always be left wondering exactly what he had in him, at least as far as Devolder is concerned, as he attributes his troubles to three crashes and the subsequent chasing involved. As for the team: "Whether I have a problem? Maybe you should ask Patrick Lefevere." Ouch. Maybe Devolder and Nuyens should go in together on an agent, or at least a c.v. advisor.

Sporza Video of the Day

This is 31 flavors of Awesome. Also, I don't know the answer, although apparently round one was easier. Something to do with a railroad crossing.

Speaking of Swiss Bears...

While you're in the Sporza videozone, you can hear victor Fabian Cancellara in English in the post-race chat with the podium guys. Interesting bits: two bike changes??? Also, he didn't plan attacks, just split-second decision-making. This is a huge quality in Cancellara. The last two years the race has suffered a bit from cautious racing, but Cancellara -- back here at full strength and full concentration -- injected the aggression that makes this race its most beautiful. Boonen too, it seems. Yay for both!

Want the hometown take on Spartacus? Best I've seen is Tages Anzieger. From the other Swiss pages I've seen, if you want the front page, it helps to be in finance. BTW, Pete saw him Friday coming in from Zurich. Not sure how many cyclists leave Belgium after E3 and come back a week later, as opposed to staying here and reconnoitering the cobbles. Obviously for Cancellara that system worked.

CycleFilm is not only getting tons of video, but their twitters are worth a look. for example: Tony's max power? 1450 watts on the Muur. Max HR, 190 bpm. Max speed, 80kph. Boonen (or at least Lefevre) blames cramping in Tommeke's godlike limbs at that moment, but a number like 1450 watts is enough to cramp a rational person's brain.

And Finally...

Best Sporza tv quotes here, including don't mow your lawn if you see a Monument peloton coming up the road.

Lance deserves credit for showing up in Flanders, unlike most maillot jaune types. Unfortunately not everyone was ready to give him this credit.