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Pais Vasco, Stage Two....Live!

Txirla again! Down to business in the Basque homeland.  Stage two. Not quite as bumpy as one. The finish though is a 4% grade for the last kilometer. Think the peloton can deny an angry Oscarito today?



Race starts at 11:59 CEST or 2:50 AM Pacific. I'm sorry: clams aren't good at time conversions

Weather should be sunny with a chance of thunderstorms. The temperature will rise from around 70F at the start to the low 80'sF at the end. Very warm.

Video: Check Steephill or Cycling Fans or BVLS or MyP2P. Should start 15:45 CEST; 6:45 AM, Pacific. 

NORTH AMERICA ONLY: Universal sports is doing it, probably without commentary online starting at 6:45 AM PST.

Universal will also rebroadcast it on TV (check local listings) at noon.

The ticker with those cute bicycles is here.


BONUS! Stage one of the Circuit Cycliste Sarthe with Lance, Voeckler, and Chris "Whip it Good!" Moreau is also live today. Check the MtP2p and BVLS links above. It looks like today is the only day when this race is live so open a 2nd window and say hi to the boys. It should start around the same time the Pais Vasco video starts. Umwolverine will help us out here.