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País Vasco Stage Three ...LIVE


Apparently some sort of marine wildlife wearing a bad hairpiece has taken over the Pais Vasco live-action. Today he tells us will be a middle day awaiting the big fireworks tomorrow.Probably ending in another duel between Freire and El Loco, the spanish magician who can make VDS points disappear into thin air.

Race starts at 12:30 CEST 

Video: Check Steephill or Cycling Fans or BVLS or MyP2P. Should start 15:45 CEST; 9:45 AM, US Eastern 23:45 AEDT)

NORTH AMERICA ONLY: Universal sports is doing it, probably without commentary online starting at 9:45 AM US Eastern.

Universal will also rebroadcast it on TV (check local listings) at noon.

The ticker with those cute bicycles is here.