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País Vasco Stage Five ....LIVE


Another climby day in País Vasco with a couple of short but really steep climbs near the end of the stage. Last chance to make a difference before tomorrows TT.

Charley Wegelius gives us some insight into the nature of todays climb on Twitter

The climb today is so steep that the cows at the roadside are doing core stability workouts just to stand and eat grass

Video: Check Steephill or Cycling Fans or BVLS or MyP2P. Possible start 15:05 CEST; 9:05 AM, US Eastern 23:05 AEDT)

NORTH AMERICA ONLY: Universal sports is doing it, probably without commentary online starting at 9:45 AM US Eastern.

Universal will also rebroadcast it on TV (check local listings) at noon.

The ticker with those cute bicycles is here