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Giro Stage 5: Post-Stage Thread

Giro-poststage-2_mediumWow, great finish!! Odd mix of stops and starts on the part of both the break and the field in the final KM, as they former sat on the brink of being caught by the latter... but they weren't. Final KM motivations are a funny thing, and today was a great example of that. More in a bit...

  1. Jerome Pineau, Quick Step
  2. Julien Fouchard, Cofidis, s.t.
  3. Yukiya Arashiro, Bweeg, s.t.
  4. Tyler Farrar, Garmin, at 0.04
  5. Greg Henderson, Sky, s.t.

No changes to the GC. OK, getting on the bike now. This post will be updated with some analysis in a bit.

Final live thread.

And the screencap dello giorno. Want to know why guys will sit up in the final km instead of racing for second place? Just look at Fouchard's expression.