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Giro di California: Whosa gonna winna, eh?!?


Bongiorno cycling peoples. So we all know that that other Giro is underway, with all of its glorious tradition, and gorgeous vistas, and that prosecco alla tappa business... mucho respecto... but in my 'hood, there is another race worth following this May, and that race is the 2010 Tour of California.

What, you may ask, does the ToC have that the Giro doesn't, besides fewer stages and less pink crap? Well, for one thing, the ToC has none of that wide open GC battle nonsense. Let's face it, Levi owns this race. The little man's pajamas say "Three Time ToC Winner" on them (I bet) and dude's won those three ToC's with barely a hair out of place. And you can bet your BMB that he aims to win it again.

But, for shits and giggles, lets take a look at who might want to steal Levi's pajamas. What? It could happen...

Team Saxo Bank - The first names that come to mind are half the freaking Saxo Bank team. Names like Fabian, and Andy, and Jens!, all of whom could ruin Levi's coronation if things play out correctly. Admittedly, Spartacus is a bit of a long-shot, but nobody is getting rich betting against that man lately, and Andy has bigger fish to fry in July, methinks, which leaves Jens!. He has the tools (he can climb, he can TT, he likes to attack), he certainly has the will, and he even said that winning the ToC this year was his main ambition for the whole year in his infamous viral internet interview with our own CycleGirl. Beware Levi. Jens! has spoken.

HTC - Only one name on that team looks like a GC maybe, and that man is Mic 'fists-o-fury' Rogers. He knows how to win stage races, and he takes no crap from guys with stupid facial hair. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, biff, sock, pow!

Garmin-Transitions - Sadly, the only possible pajama thief on that team is Dave Z, and that is because he would totally steal someone's pajamas just to be weird. Weirdness aside, DZ could show us the money, but probably not.

Cervélo TestTeam - I guess Deignan could do something, and maybe Haussler could become "Malibu Barbie Barbie", which would be entertaining on lots of levels, mainly around here, but neither are going to win this thing.

The Field - Nope. Nobody coming to mind....hmmm...thinking...thinking... Nope. Nobody.

So, what say you lot? Let Levi win?