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Giro d'Italia Stage 7 -- Post Stage Thread

Giro-poststage-2_mediumWow, what a great day of racing. Liquigas crashed out of its dominant GC position, while several of the old vets -- all-rounders like Evans, Vino and Cunego -- seized the opportunity to get right back into the race. Click HERE for our live threads.

Stage results: [Official full results here]

  1. Cadel Evans (BMC) 5:13:37 
  2. Damiano Cunego (LAM), at 0:02 
  3. Alexandr Vinokourov (AST), s.t.
  4. Marco Pinotti (THR), at 0.06
  5. David Arroyo (GCE), at 0:12
  6. Stefano Garzelli (ASA), at 0:27
  7. John Gadret (ALM), at 0:29
  8. Michele Scarponi (AND), at 1.01
  9. Cateyano Jose Sarmiento (ASA), at 1.07
  10. Jan Bakelandts, OLO, at 1.14
  11. David Millar, GRM, s.t.
  12. Linus Gerdemann MRM, s.t.

N.b., Vincenzo Nibali, LIQ, at 2.01, Ivan Basso at 2.05, Wiggins at 4.30, Carlos Sastre at 5.20. Sastre's GC hunt is in serious jeopardy, though with all the climbing still left it'd be foolish to dismiss. Huge changes on GC, naturally:

  1. Alexandr Vinokourov (AST)  
  2. Cadel Evans (BMC), at 1:12
  3. David Millar (GRM), at 1:29
  4. Vlad Karpets (KAT), at 1:30
  5. Vincenzo Nibali (LIQ), at 1:33
  6. Marco Pinotti (THR), at 1:40
  7. Linus Gerdemann (MRM), at 1:50
  8. Ivan Basso (LIQ), at 1:51 

Screencap dello giorno: a rare sight, the rainbow jersey crossing the line first in a grand tour. Gotta dial back to Bettini for the last time we saw that, I believe.