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Pick the Plan de Corones Podium... and WIN!

[Re-Posting -- today is the last day to enter. See details on the flip!]

Thanks to Spokejunky, who dropped in on the Centenary Giro last year, we have some pretty cool shwag to give away: a set of Gazzetta dello Sport issues from the closing portions of the 2009 Giro and this jersey:


Sorry about the sepia tone, that's some late afternoon sun in our living room. It being Seattle, the camera was as shocked as I was. Anyway, here's the kicker:


Yep, that's Girbecco on the sleeve. It's a small shirt, has bike pockets in the back as well as the buttoned pocket on the front. The colors are black, white and of course pink. Could do very nicely for a small adult or a pretty wide range of kids... if you can bear to pass on something from the Centenary Giro.

So how do I win?

Easy. Pick the podium of the Plan de Corones time trial. Deadline for submissions is Monday, May 24 at 9pm Pacific. Highest scoring entry will win, using the following points: 7 for correctly identifying the winner, 5 for picking second, 3 for third and 1 for getting the right name on the wrong podium step.

Ties will be broken by whoever submitted the winning entry first. If it comes to that, we will try to dredge up something for the second place finisher. Good luck!