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ToC Stage 7 Preview - Los Angeles Time Trial


Today is chrono day at the 2010 ToC. Today the big guns will fire (which in this part of LA is a regular kinda thing). Today is the day that matters. Who will do it? Well, Mick Rogers looked strong and sounded confident at yesterday's finish. The other two GC favs, DZ and Levi, will both bring it, no doubt, but when the jerseys are handed out, only one of them will be able to say that today was a good day...

As for the course specifics, it's a relatively flat 20.9 mile loop around downtown Los Angeles, with plenty of twists and turns, including a lap around the outskirts of the LA Coliseum, and, sadly, a close skirting of the campus USC, aka, the "University of Spoiled Children". But on a good note, they will pass within a couple of blocks of my second favorite restaurant in all of LA, The Pantry (never closed since 1924...order the pot roast) and start and end at some place called LA Live, which is some kind of fancy mall owned by the nice people at AEG. Malls... Bah...

Official map and video

Behind the scenes footage of the Garmin Transition team training camp