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ToC Stage 8 Preview - 999 Oaks Circuit


"It's not over" sayeth Mic Rogers. Anyone believe him? Show of hands, please?... Today is circuit day at the 2010 ToC and the last chance to win Levi's golden pajamas. Is Roger's 9 second lead enough to keep DZ at bay? Can Levi find 35 seconds hiding somewhere in their four laps around the 21 mile circuit, which includes the famous Rock Store climb, a nice 2000 footer? Will Jay Leno let Conan have the tonight show back? Does God exist? Who invented Liquid Soap, and why?...

The TT in downtown LA yesterday was very "LA" and quite an spectacle complete with massive cordoned off VIP areas, a grumpy Floyd, lots of grumpy cops (who would not let people cross the street), leggy super models, free "beer" (legally, Michelob ULTRA is beer. I checked) and lots of imagio. It was fun. Today I plan to pre-ride the course, which would have gotten me put into a choke hold yesterday no doubt, so if I can manage to find internet between now and the race starting, I will let you know what I think. I can pretty much assure you that it will be something along the lines of "pant, pant, pant... that was.... pant.... hard.... cough, cough... yep... hard...."

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