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Second Podium Cafe Kit Order! LAST CALL for Short and Long Sleeve Jerseys!

Reminder! Don't forget to order, if you'd like a short or long-sleeve jersey.

JUNE 2 UPDATE: Great news!!! We think we can cobble together the minimums on the Short Sleeve Jerseys too!! The good people at Capo have been somewhat flexible with us, so let's finalize all orders on this in the next 24 hours. If you want a long- or short-sleeve jersey, please order here by 6pm Pacific on Thursday June 3! Go over on the jump and scroll down to submit an order, using the Google Storefront. Thanks!! 

I am not as sure we will have an order for short sleeve jerseys, but the way we are operating is, use the form below to place an order and our Google storefront will store your order without charging your credit card. If we make minimums, then I will place the order and charge you. But if we don't, I will simply cancel your orders. No harm done.

'nother update: We're set to make minimums for the long sleeve jerseys. If you have ordered, it's on. If you're thinking about it, orders still being accepted TODAY ONLY!!

Wanna look like this? [minus the beard, etc]


Today I am opening our store again for jersey orders only. We have heard from people about what they might want, and jerseys seem to be what we can fit into a reorder and make minimum order quantities. Please scroll down and enter our store to place your order. WE WILL CLOSE ORDERS ON JUNE 2 Today!!! So don't delay!

Meanwhile, we still have the following items currently in stock:

  • XL Bibs ($98 USD)
  • L Bibs ($98) sold out
  • Arm Warmers ($33)

Contact me at if you want to purchase these items, ready for immediate shipping.

Here is the new store. If you can't see the prices to the right, you're in the narrow view and need to switch to the wide view. See below the menu box, upper right corner.

Update: Non-US Orders - For reasons entirely uninteresting to you, the Google Checkout order system will not automatically process orders for shipping outside of the US. So, please make note of the items you want, and send an email to, specifying 1) the item(s) you want, including size 2) your shipping address, and 3) your preferred method of shipment (US parcel post (slow), US priority mail (not so slow). One of us will manually calculate the total, including shipping, and send you an "invoice" via email. This invoice will contain a link back to a Google Checkout page that will allow you to pay with a credit card. Please note that Google imposes a 1% surcharge on non-US orders.

Update update: the order is still open, and we still have to make minimums.