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Giro d'Italia Stage 20 .... LIVE

Vuelta-live_mediumTime for the last, and probably the toughest, of this Giro's Mega-Mountain days. If Liquigas are as strong as they have been these last days the GC battle may be an anticlimax but in this Giro I wouldn't bet on it.

Podicci's Comment:" When I hear "Gavia" I think of that lady in California. Well Gav = Surfy and we all know what happens to surfers, they get eaten by sharks. So, naturally I think of Vincenzo Nibali FTW.

Live video at 14:00 ?CEST (08:00 AM US EDT, 22:00 AUS EST)

Look for links at , steephillcyclingfansMyp2p, and BVLS.  

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