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Podi-2_mediumIt's grand tour time again. And you know what that means.

Well, okay, it means a whole lotta things. Like, three week races. Ohmigod, a bike race every day for three weeks. What's not to like about that? Nothing. There's absolutely nothing I can think of that's not to like about that.

Grand tour season also means that the Cafe is traditionally invaded by creatures. (Is it possible to have a tradition that's only a year old? I say yes.) A moment of silence, please, for the late, lamented 'becco family, who spent such quality time with us last year. We never did find out who did the dastardly deed that put an end to the 'becco's. Hopefully, they are wandering happily about in 'becco paradise.

Look, we have a visitor! He has come to grace our presence, and provide us with his... wisdom. Allow me to introduce you to Podicci. He's a bird. Or something. He rocks the pink and tricolore in celebration of the Giro. And it's entirely possible that he will say something silly before the month of May is done. Because, that's what Podicci's do.

Giro!!! Only four days, 109 hours, and 6574 minutes to go.

Not like we're counting or anything.