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Monday Mourning

I know what you're thinking. The Giro d'Italia is over, and after three weeks of constant exposure to Italian culture, you can't contain your emotions. It's OK, let it out. You'll feel better.

Me? I'll be OK. Gavia, I dunno, I'm a little worried that I haven't heard from her all day. Hopefully she's got some waveage to wash away the tears. Crashdan is going into hiding this week, though after three weeks of constant previews he could use the time away. Jens -- I don't try to psychoanalyze Jens. I'm relieved that he can focus on other things after something like 75 race threads. The other editors are uundoubtedly in some state of disarray, except for whoever owns Basso in the Ed's League VDS and Majope -- she's a rock.

Anyway, here's a little something to help you cope with the next few days.