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The Tour de France at Podium Cafe

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Tour de France Podium Cafe

Welcome to the Tour de France at Podium Cafe!

It’s all Tour, all the time this month and you’re invited to come along. We’ll have live threads during the race and lots of chat after the race, off-the-wall commentary and tons of fun features. Below, a quick sampler of what to expect during the merry month of July.

The Daily Race

The Daily Race is your go-to spot for all the information you need to follow each day’s stage. Stage profiles, previews, links to live chats, it’s all there!

Live Threads

We love live race chat here at the Podium Cafe. Stop by every day during the stage and banter with fans from around the world. It’s easy and fun and all the cool people are doing it!

Know Your Tour!

Wondering what the Polka Dot jersey means? Why does one rider each day wear a Red Number? Who is the lanterne rouge? Chris answers your Tour de France questions in Know Your Tour.

Post-Race Happy Hour

There’s nothing better than kicking back at your favorite Cafe and reliving the day’s events. Admire the day’s heroes and banter with your friends. Each day, we’ll reserve a table for you!

Got Gossip?

Gavia does. Watch for Gossip columns throughout the race on all the personalities, smack talk, post-race polemica, and team rivalries.

Got maps?

Check out stage maps for the entire Tour de France. Thanks to Ted!

Get to Know New Riders

Feeling lost in the field? Podium Cafe is here to help. Check out our Five Riders to Watch series and learn all about who's in the breakaway today.

Parlez-vous Français?

Will does. And he helps out with a guide to all the French you need to know.

And More!

Check back for more daily features! We love the Tour and you should too. Watch our Tour de France section or browse our Tour de France tag for all our race features!

Still not enough Tour?

Head over to the official Tour de France site, the center of Planet Tour de France.


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