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Live Chat with Phil Zajicek of Fly V Australia!

Phil Zajicek Fly V Australia


Come on in and join the party! Phil Zajicek of Fly V Australia will be here on the site for the next hour. He'll try to answer as many of your questions as possible. If he doesn't get to your question, don't be sad. You can always catch up with Phil on on the Twitter thing for more chatting.

During the chat, please try to pace your questions. If you see oodles of questions stacking up in the thread, sit back, relax, and wait for Phil to catch up. Because it's the nice thing to do, and we're always nice here at the Cafe. Regulars, please remember to hit the rec button on Phil's replies so they get that extra special green glow. If you're having trouble with the thread updating as it grows, refresh the page and it should run more smoothly.

First-timers, welcome! If you'd like to join the convo, head over to the SBN sign-up page and get yourself a username. You will need a valid email address - be sure to watch for the email from SBN which will complete the reg process. Sometimes it goes to Spam. Bad spam! We promise not to sell your address or heckle you in any way.

Thanks to Phil Zajicek for coming! Enjoy!


Photo copyright Christopher See.