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Who to support in the Giro Donne...

(AKA Pigeons' 22 to watch)


I'm assuming you already know who you're supporting for the Tour de France, but have you worked out who are your riders for the other Biggest Tour of the year, the Giro Donne?  Monty has a great run-down of some of the top favourites, but in case you need more riders to root for, here's my handy guide (inspired by all the "who should I vote for?" diagrams in the run-up to the UK General Election)



Yeah, yeah, I know I've missed out most of Cervélo and HTC, but those teams are just too good!  Plus, not all of these riders will be at the GD, but I made it before there was a startlist


But just because it's you, if this doesn't help you decide who to root for, if you tell me the kind of rider you like, I'll do my best to find you a rider to support - and I'll even add links, so you can find out more!


(I should say here that I am fully expecting the more knowledgeable folks to step in and help matchmake - pretty please?  And there's at least one not-exactly-deliberate spelling mistake - if you spot it, your prize is the happy glow of self satisfaction...)