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Belgian SuperTeam Merger Watch: Day 6

Last week, as you know, Quick Step manager Patrick Lefevre leaked the possibility of a Belgian super team forming to lead the native cobblemasters back to their rightful place among the gods of the sport. I needed medical assistance on hearing this news and wasn't really able to respond much for about three days. Now, however, we have set up the Merger Watch at PdC Temporary Headquarters -- shifted to Juneau, Alaska in order to take advantage of nearly constant daylight as a way of bringing you better coverage. We have teams of interns watching the front page of Sporza and hitting refresh on my command every 90 seconds. Superted has been dispatched to hack into the various live camera feeds Quick Step fans have created from outside the team's service course in Wevelgem. If something happens, you won't miss a beat.

As you may know, Lefevre complained that there simply wasn't enough money in Belgium to finance two teams operating at the height of the sport, and if they were to pool their resources one team might manage more successfully. Today, Omega Pharma Lotto manager Marc Sergeant responded with predictable disdain: he suggested that the lack of intramural rivalry would decrease fan support in Belgium and take away a good bit of the fun, even if one loaded team would likely do well for itself. The subtext, of course, is also important. Lefevre's plan pretty much amounts to one where, in response to losing Quick Step as a sponsor after 2011, he would like Sergeant to place his riders and sponsors at Lefevre's feet. Sergeant's response could be interpreted as saying no thanks.

Anyway, details are scant, but if you learn anything new, please call our Hotline at 1-800-Belgiansuperteam, or mention it in the comments below. Thanks!