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The Podium Cafe 2010 Tour de France Preview Mag!

Le-tour-sm_mediumThis is a links/features post... a/k/a your one-stop shopping place to find all the articles previewing the 2010 Tour de France! On Gavia's behalf I want to thank you all for the amazing work being submitted from all corners of the Cafe... Down Under the bar, Across the dining area, Up stairs in the brewing area and right here in the kitchen. [update!] A few key pieces are added back in; missed 'em the first go-round.

  1. Welcome to our 2010 coverage! An overview of changes from our normal way of doing things [the New Cafe... now with 50% less chaos!]
  2. A look at our upcoming daily features recurring throughout the Tour.
  3. Gavia's Likely Stories... Gavia's columns will track the main themes and fun sidebars throughout the Tour.
  4. Know Your Tour! Are you a part-time or new fan of Cycling? Read our daily dispatches explaining how things really work in cycling, and especially at the Tour.
  5. The Workingman's Guide to Watching the Tour... an overview of the course and some hints about how to plan your viewing.
  6. Detailed Maps of every stage!
  7. Ranking the Climbs -- a guide to the ascents of the Tour, from a guy who's ridden most of them.
  8. Previewing the Riders -- voices from the Cafe take turns looking at individual riders... 83 different riders and counting!
  9. A Live Thread at the official Tour Presentation.
  10. Previewing the battle for the maillot jaune... the battle for Cycling's biggest prize!
  11. A preview of the Maillot Vert, a/k/a Points Competition.
  12. A King of the Mountains Preview! Who will win the world's coolest looking jersey?
  13. A Young Riders Preview! Which kids are alright, already?
  14. A Yellow Jersey Preview! Who's the best?
  15. Who Sponsors the Teams? A look at the companies that make it all possible.