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'10 VDS Year Long Comp: Post-Tour Update!

Virtual-ds-2_mediumTedvdw had this in the last Tour live thread, but let's put this out front and center because there's an interesting thing going on. First, the top ten points earners in the Tour:

1. afx237vi The Hamsterdam Hoppers 2150
2. SirChristopher Fides Fidelity Full Faith & Credit 2145
3. Cruzers 2000
4. irishpeloton Yes well, sortainly! 1965
5. Team Vulture Team Vulture 1940
6. Markk Brandy Old Fashioned Sweet 1935
7. seamu Back in the Pack 1900
8. pedros1973 Benfarrim azul 1885
9. ursula Built for comfort, not for speed 1880
10. andrewp Isickon Cobra 1845

Full listing of the teams for the Tour only HERE.

Tight battle overall but full credit for the Hamsterdam Hoppers. I am sure Bodie, wherever he is, is proud. But just FIVE points separate him from SirChristopher Fides Fidelity Full Faith & Credit's team-and the cool thing is that their teams are quite a bit different. Hamsterdam had Contador, Farrar, Petacchi, Gesink, Lulu; Sir Chris's heavy hitters were Schlecket, Farrar, Menchov, Horner, and Hesjedal. Different paths with almost identical results. 

Now for the year-long top 10, here we go:

1. Vinnie1 Vinnie’s barbarians 8357
2. tgartner Sleeping Maiden Velo 8295
3. Cyclemania JH Cyclemania 8149
4. john.. Slackers Unite! 8128
5. FrankV Vlammende Vedetten 8079
6. dallsopp Maxpower 8015
7. dan beringhele ORB, Inc. 7909
8. SirChristopher Fides Fidelity Full Faith & Credit 7864
9. ursula Built for comfort, not for speed 7765
10. andomujika Gaur ta Beti Laranjak 7737

Full team listings here.  So what else is interesting besides the fact that I am in 9th place on both lists? (Soon to plummet down the rankings faster than if I was made of dark matter?)

By comparison look at last year's top tens, both Tour only and overall to this point: 


Tour results:

  1. Derailleurs in the Mist, 3949 points
  2. Low Road Redux, 3683
  3. Boom Tish, 3499
  4. Sco Team Aero, 3498
  5. Big Aloha, 3458
  6. Vincere del Mori, 3453
  7. Little Rubber Girl, 3419
  8. BAMFLMFALHEHE..., 3416
  9. Cruzers, 3406
  10. Let's Hurt a Little!, 3384

  1. Low Road Redux, 11554 points
  2. Sco Team Aero, 11402
  3. Castrogiovanni..., 11397
  4. Team Beer Lao, 11265
  5. Down Tube Shifters, 11197
  6. Boom Tish, 11060
  7. Brian Clough's Nose, 11039
  8. Cruzers, 11011
  9. BF&S, 10837
  10. Derailleurs in the Mist, 10775
(Go HERE to get links to the full Tour-only and year-to-date VDS rankings. You then download an excel file.)

The obvious thing here is that the leading teams have a lot fewer points this year even though we added a bunch more races to the VDS competition this year. Why? I suppose two things: a) the expensive riders this year are more expensive (Bert @ 32 points as opposed to 25 last year, etc., and, b) the restriction that you could only pick one 24+ rider and only three that cost 18 points or more. But I haven't checked to see if my guesses are correct or anything so if you have a brighter idea let us know. 

At any rate the competition is closer this year, giving hope to VariousHopelessCauses. Solace to Random. CrazyTeams. Succor to AbominationsMiscreants, and Nutjobs.  Screw-upssociopaths, and out-and-out lunatics. That's all fine. I could go on, but you can do that yourself. I'll leave you with one piece of sanity: at least we know that Oregon, as always, tops Washington

As it should be.