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Cancellara wins again! Prologue Post Stage Chat

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Tour de France Podium Cafe

No great shock today. Fabian "Spartacus" Cancellara stomps on everyone else to take the Yellow Jersey. Tony Martin's early start gamble paid off and he looked like a winner for a long time but unlike the German soccer team he had to surrender in the end. Lance Armstrong channeled some rage and was first of all the big GC contenders.

Result of the day:

  1. Fabian Cancellara, saxo Bank ,10.00
  2. Tony Martin, HTC, +10 sec
  3. David Millar , Garmin, +20
  4. Lance Armstrong, Radio Shack, +22
  5. Geraint Thomas, Sky, +23

Full results here

Below the fold, some post-race comments!

David Millar, Team Garmin-Transitions
"I'm satisfied, I was hoping to go well and, contrary to my usual performances of late, I actually went well. The wet roads weren't nearly as hazardous as I thought they'd be. There were one or two corners where I was too cautious. I knew I was going really fast and I didn't want to be slapped off and make a fool of myself. I'm 33 after all. I followed Tyler and had a look at the course beforehand and I'm blown away by how fast he went. It fills me and, no doubt, our team with confidence for the coming days."

Tyler Farrar, Team Garmin-Transitions
"It was really a surprise. I went into today assuming that I was just riding to get through to the sprint stages and I happened to have a good ride. I think I'm as surprised as anyone. And pleased."

Jonathan Vaughters, Team Garmin-Transitions
"I'm really proud of our team. Two riders in the top ten is a pretty good start for us. David and Tyler did incredible rides, and it was good to see Robby Hunter up there too. We think there's some exciting racing to come."

Matt White, Team Garmin-Transitions
"I’m super impressed with the team today. Two riders in the top ten is an excellent start to the Tour and it gives us confidence in what’s to come."

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