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Rise of the Pilot Fish

Tour de France Podium Cafe

Order is restored in the universe. Mark Cavendish is once again on the top of the podium in the Tour de France. Let's instead look at some other  winners and victims of the day.

On the attack

Mark Renshaw. The big hero of the day was no doubt Cav's main leadout. Forced to change strategy in the finale, Renshaw held off multiple challenges to keep Cav in perfect position on the tail end of the Garmin-train. On a day when he might have been filled with doubt he never faltered in his determination to deliver his captain. No doubt Thor Hushovd thought back longingly to a time when Renshaw was his leadout as he was being pushed off Farrar's wheel and losing ground in the fierce battle to the line. After today there seems little doubt that Mark Renshaw is as dominant in his discipline as Contador is on the climbs or Cancellara in the timetrial. Simply the best in the business.



Off the back

Internet Forum People 

Perhaps it's because we are too quick to judge, perhaps that we look for the smallest signs where there are none to found? Or maybe it's that we're just so darn daylight deprived? Anyway, Cav got to serve up a big fat dish of "I told you so" to all those who have been predicting his demise these last few days. Judging by today he may not be at the peak of his powers but with what he has, and with the team he has, he is still a pretty formidable racer. All the complaining in the world about his personality and his tantrums isn't going to change that.

Podi says:

"Chapeau Monsieur Mark! I have always had faith in you. Never doubted for a second. Say, could you help me a get couple of manx cats off my back? "